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No animals are ever harmed in the making of On Third Thought Gelato. Our gelato is always dairy-free and free from any animals and their bi-products.


We use rice milk to get the creamy texture gelato is known for. 

While we are not yet in a facility completely free of top allergens, our gelato is always made without wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, and soy (we use soy ink for our compostable cups, other options are available). We are working hard to grow to a completely allergen free location soon!



Only the highest quality of ingredients are used for our artisan recipes. We ship in Comprital ingredients directly from Italy and only use the most fresh and ripe fruits in our locally sourced recipes. 

We value supporting local and embrace Ontario's rotation of seasonal produce. Each season we source Ontario fruits at their peak ripeness for our seasonal gelato flavours.



We love our planet and are dedicated to creating a product and service that tastes good with the smallest environmental impact. 

Our cups and spoons are all biodegradable. Our cups are made of compostable paper with a compostable PLA lining. While are spoons are entirely made of compostable PLA. We offer a compost guarantee with any cart service where we provide a compost bin for your used cups and spoons, then we do the dirty work for you!



On Third Thought Gelato was born out of an Italian boy and a vegan girls journey to find delicious food that they both would enjoy.

Eating when

  • you or a loved one are sensitive to certain ingredients

  • you or a loved one follow a diet or have restrictions that don't allow you to eat certain foods

  • you or a loved one are eating more health consciously and don't appreciate the quality of ingredients in your options

can make you think twice about trying to enjoy the foods you love!

On Third Thought Gelato is the treat you'll never think twice about.


Made with the highest quality of Italian and local ingredients, On Third Thought Gelato is small batch artisan gelato that is always made without wheat, dairy, nuts, artificial colours and flavours.